17 years ago, I walked into George Thangaiah Complex (Pic above) in Indiranagar.

I gingerly walked along the entrance pathway into the swanky office reception of my first job at an IT company. This was state-of-the-art infrastructure. I had arrived or so I thought.

I came home that evening. My mum made me a cup of tea as we sat down to discuss my first day at work. She asked me “Office eppidi irrunthedu?” (loosely translates into “How was office?”). I told her I will take her there so she can see for herself.

I took her the following saturday. We compared notes. She worked in IT too (in the Income Tax Department). Yes, a government office. We had A LOT of notes to compare about her work space and mine. If you’ve been to a government office, you know what I am talking about.

Cut to 2017. One evening, I was driving past the George Thangaiah Complex and found that the building stands but it’s no more the IT company that I used to work for. A co-working space 91 Springboard had set up their office.

Now, I compared notes for myself:

  • 91 Springboard does not have one company working in its premises. It has many.
  • It has a space where 2 people are sitting next to each other and going like this :

Person 1 : Hey, am quitting my company. Is your company hiring?

Person 2 : Oh why are you quitting? Anyways, I don’t care. Yes, we are hiring. Send me your resume

  • It’s a place where you can ask the owner of a startup (read mentor) tips on how to incubate your idea and the mentor might just help you. You don’t have to go mentor hunting.
  • It’s a place where you sing happy birthday in office and watch some employee of some company cut a cake. Heck ! who cares ! You got a piece of the cake, didn’t ya?
  • Trekking clubs, football clubs, annual day can all happen even if your company has only 2 employees.
  •  The infrastructure girl/guy turns up when your wi-fi is not working .You can ask her/him some really tough questions without worrying about her/him quitting you. I know. I know. This is  fun.
  • You could pour your work woes to a co-worker (not from your company) over tea and be sure that all that news will not make its way to your company (unless of course the person decides to join your company..note person 1 – person 2 conversation above)

Now, the old-fashioned me was hoping the following would happen. My daughter would come home after her first day at work. I would make tea. She and I would compare notes about her work space and mine.

Well, it’s all happening a little too soon for me with I, me and myself comparing notes.

All in all, the future of work is co-working. The future is fabulous.








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